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Aloe Juice Ikhala 1l Aloe Juice Ikhala 1l

Aloe Juice Ikhala 1l

R 65.00

South African SUPERFOOD !! 🌍 Aloe ferox that grows wil in its natural habitat!  This product contains no colourants or added sugar. only 2 preservatives 😉 potassium sorbate, nisiplin Full of nutrition!  helps digestion ! An amazing healer 🍃 Sssooo...

L-Glutamine L-Glutamine


R 213.00

Increases GABA Reverses intestinal permeability Immune support/healing Athletic performance Cravings Anti ulcer agent

Siberian Pine Nut Oil Siberian Pine Nut Oil

Siberian Pine Nut Oil

R 361.00

Digestive remedy has natural ANTI -INFLAMMATORY properties which strengthen and heal the inflamed or ulcerated lining of the oesophagus, stomach and digestive tract. It also naturally stimulates the release of digestive hormones which boost digestion and increase the absorbtion of...