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Willow Worms & Parasites 120 capsules

R 160.00

Anti-Parasitic Formula. 3 morning and 3 evening for 3 weeks 😁  Go to INFORMATION to read more about parasite and worms 

PHR Paraherb 90 capsules

R 172.00

This formula is for Killing Parasites Blood cleansing Colon detox Paraherb is used for the elimination of all bodily parasites including their eggs. It also cleans the blood and detoxifies the colon at the same time. It should be taken...

Deficiency symptoms are...

R 0.00

Irritability, poor memory, nervousness, depression, eczema, lack of energy, muscle cramps or tremors etc. are all symptoms of vit B deficiencies. Irregular heartbeat, Confusion and Depression, Water retention, Muscle cramps and tremors, Muscle weakness, Insomnia, Nervousness, Hyperactivity etc. Are all...

Liv52 60 tablets

R 113.00

Auyrvedic herbal formulation Use for Prevention and treatment of       #viral hepatitis       #alcoholic liver disease       #liver cirrhosis       #protien energy malnutrition       #loss of appitite      ...