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Willow Ferrum Phos No.4

R 62.00

SELF DEFENCE First-Aid and Oxygenator The biochemic first-aid salt, Ferrum Phos is an oxygen carrier and anti-inflammatory and supports the immune system. Releases energy and is important to maintain muscular strength and function, thus supports active children, adults and athletes....

Willow Calc Fluor D6 No. 1

R 62.00

ELASTICITYSkin, Ligaments and Teeth Calcium Fluoride maintains and restores the elasticity of connective tissues including the skin the circulatory system the musculo-skeletal system the digestive system strengthens tooth enamel

Willow Silicea No 12

R 62.00

GENERAL TONIC Hair Skin Nails Toxins Pimples Abscess Boils

Willow Nat Sulph No 11

R 62.00

LIVER TONIC Nausea Liver Disorders Water Retention

Willow Nat Phos No 10

R 62.00

ACIDITY Menstruation Gout Heart Burn

Willow Nat Mur No 9

R 62.00

WATER BALANCE Colds Runny nose Morning Fatigue

Willow Kali Phos No 6

R 60.00

NERVE TONIC Anxiety Concentration

Willow Mag Phos No.8

R 62.00

RELAX Muscle Power and Cramp Soother The biochemic muscle and motor nerve nutrient, Mag Phos is the biochemic answer to tension, spasm and pain. It supports the function of the musculo-skeletal system, nervous system and the heart. Mag Phos is...

Willow Kali Sulph No.7

R 62.00

SKIN CARE Dry, Flaky and Sensitivities The biochemic skin conditioner and tissue oxygenator, Kali Sulph assists in speeding up the metabolism and supporting the function of the respiratory system. Conditions the skin, hair and nails. Kali Sulph assists Ferrum Phos...

Willow Kali Mur No.5

R 62.00

DECONGEST Blood and Mucus Regulator The biochemic blood and mucous membrane conditioner, Kali Mur is the ear, nose, throat and lung specialist of the salts; it maintains the fibrous tissues, supports the respiratory and lymphatic systems and is a metabolic...

Willow Calc Sulph No.3

R 62.00

CLEANSE Skin Purifier and Wound Healer The biochemic systemic cleanser, Calc Sulph also strengthens and maintains the integrity of cell membranes, preventing premature cell disintegration. Calc Sulph is a blood purifying tissue salt that helps the liver to remove decaying...

Willow Calc Phos No.2

R 62.00

FORTIFYCell and Bone Builder Calc Phos is the children's tissue salt and a biochemic restorative. It supports Growing children Teething Broken bones White and red blood cell formation Mild anxiety or panic attacks