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Aromatics Beeswax Granules 200g

R 212.00
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Beeswax granules can be melted down to create non-toxic lotions and lip balms, candles and soaps, even wax crayons and modelling clay – the possibilities are practically endless!

Other uses for beeswax:

  • Can be used to moisturise skin & lips
  • Lubricates stiff doors, windows, drawers & zippers
  • Can be used to polish & condition wood (furniture, utensils etc)
  • Prevents iron tools from rusting
  • Waterproof shoes & boots
  • Wax & style hair, beard or moustache
  • Soften & moisturise dry cuticles
  • Grease cookie sheets
  • Even great for making non-toxic kids’ crayons or modelling clay

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