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Baltic Amber Teething Neclace

R 225.00
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Baltic Amber is reputed to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing of wounds making it a perfect soother for babies and children when teething.

Baltic Amber is not actually a stone and therefore not cold to the touch, coming from a fossilised tree resin in forests that were flooded by the sea millions of years ago.

Associated with sunlight and warmth, it is a very old custom in various parts of Europe and the Far east for babies and children to wear amber. 

Today we believe that the healing and soothing power of amber is due to two things. When the amber lies on the skin it warms up and this releases succinic acid which is very therapeutic for inflammation and infection. Amber is also believed to create an electro-magnetic field which enhances the human frame of mind.

Naturally the more amber that is worn, the more powerful the therapeutic effect is

Each necklace is approximately 32cm long and has a screw clasp. The screw clasp itself is a safety feature. It is the weakest point of the necklace, and will break if undue strain is placed upon it. This is a design feature to protect against choking if the necklace is pulled hard. As an additional safety feature, there is a knot before and after each bead so that in the event of it being broken, there is no risk of choking on the beads.
These necklaces are not for chewing. They are generally worn at night when the child is of teething age