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Sfera Digest it 60 capsules

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This all-natural digestive aid from Sfera is made with a blend of healthierbitter herbs, which calm the digestive tract and improve its functioning. Bitter herbs have sweet benefits; chamomile, peppermint, fennel and licorice all help to combat indigestion and associated problems. Digest-It also includes a broad-spectrum digestive enzyme blend, which helps to support digestive functioning; and a special black pepper extract called Bioperine, which helps to make nutrients easier for your body to absorb. This natural remedy from Sfera helps to relieve cramping, bloating and gas, keeping your digestive tract happier and healthier.

The compounds that give bitter herbs their taste make them highly beneficial to your digestive system. The bitterness helps to trigger digestive reflexes, improving the overall digestive process.

  • Chamomile: Antispasmodic; relaxes the smooth muscles of the intestines & stomach. Helps with indigestion, gas, cramps & IBS.
  • Peppermint: Has soothing & antispasmodic properties; a natural remedy for bloating & gas. Stimulates the gall bladder to release bile, for more effective digestion of fats.
  • Fennel: A carminative & anti-spasmodic; helps to relive bloating, flatulence & IBS symptoms.
  • Lemon balm: Helps to ease nausea, cramping, stomach pain & acidity.
  • Milk thistle: Supports liver & gall bladder health; relieves constipation & inflammation of the bowels.
  • Licorice: Has a mild laxative & diuretic effect; reduces water retention, constipation & bloating.
  • Angelica: Calms a nervous stomach & helps to stimulate the digestion.
  • Bioperine: An extract from the black pepper fruit; helps to enhance the bioavailability of nutrients.


One vegetarian capsule provides:

  • Digestive enzyme blend: 95mg
    • Lipase RO (250 FIP)
    • Amylase (3150 DU)
    • Lactase (150 ALU)
    • Malt Diastase (225 DP)
    • Cellulase (280 CU)
    • Protease 4.5 (14000 HUT)
    • Invertase (110 SU)
  • Chamomile flowers (Flores Chamimilae) 60mg
  • Peppermint leaf (Menthae piperitae) 50mg
  • Fennel (Foeniculi amari) 50mg
  • Lemon balm leaf (Melissa officinalis) 40mg
  • Milk thistle (Silybum marianum) 35mg
  • Licorice root  (Glycyrrhiza Uralensi) 30mg
  • Angelica root (Angelica archangelica) 25mg
  • Bioperine (Piper Nigrum) 2mg


Take one capsule with your two biggest meals of the day,or as directed by your healthcare practitioner