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Earthsap Liquid Soap 250ml (Lavender and Rosemary)

R 80.00
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Wash away dirt and grime with this skin-loving blend:

  • Lavender oil fights off germs and is rich in linalool, which relieves irritation and keeps your skin healthy.
  • Rosemary oil rejuvenates and is perfect for sensitive skin because it’s an anti-inflammatory.
  • Wheat germ gets new cells growing and is packed with vitamin E, which hydrates and nourishes the skin.
  • No synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives, phosphates, petrochemicals, chlorine or bleaches used.
  • No animals were harmed to make this product.
  • Non-toxic and 100% biodegradable.
  • Suitable for sensitive skins.

Earthsap’s entire range is very affordable and easy to use, especially if you’re new natural products. It’s safe for your family and gentle on the environment – the perfect replacement for ordinary, chemical-laden soaps and cleaners.

Purified water, saponified coconut extract, decyl/lauryl glucoside, wheat germ, salt, lavender essential oil.

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