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Red Super Krill 60 capsules 750mg

R 730.00

Superior Omega 3 absorption.  Contains antioxidant, Astaxanthin (fighting cellular damage and promoting optimal health and wellbeing).  Supports joint health.  Supports heart health and healthy cholesterol.     

Comfrey Tea 30 bags

R 67.00

Alkaloid free

Comfrey Tea 100 bags

R 196.00

Alkaloid free

Detoxtea 20 teabags

R 45.00

Use for general detoxing, blood cleansing & sluggish liver. Ingredients Buchu Dandelion Fennel Nettle Rosemary Rue Yarrow

Hi Lo Blood Tea 20 teabags

R 45.00

Herbal tea for balancing blood pressure and cholestrol Ingredients Alfalfa Buchu Dandelion Nettle Rosemary Yarrow

Diabetea 20 teabags

R 45.00

Powerfull antioxidant. Ingredients Buchu Blue Sage Dandelion Fenugreek Nettle Thyme Yarrow