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About Us


In March 1997, Emagenes for Health, opened their doors in the Westdene Arcade in Bloemfontein.

Previously, the Coetzee’s owned a home industry shop. After reading “Ek leef van Vrugte”, Marna made big shifts and could no longer continue selling food that is high in calories from sugar and/or fat, but with little dietary fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals, or other important forms of nutritional value. The alternative was to open a shop that would sell nutritious products.

However, customers assumed that it was a health shop and would come in and inquire about nutritional supplements and herbal remedies. We needed to shift again….

Emagenes became a proper Health Shop! Over the years, we have learnt much from each other, our customers, our suppliers and ongoing courses. It is our passion to share our knowledge and experience to help and empower people to heal and live well.

9 people work at Emagenes Health Shop. We are both blood family and heart family. Most of us have been connected for many years, even before working together.

Emagenes is a place of healing, community, laughter and truth!

We welcome you to our world!