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SilverGenesis Super hydrogel 100ml

R 79.00

A pure natural hydrogel made from seaweed and plant extracts with a high concentration ofpositively charged silver ions, has no chemicals and no synthetic preservatives, and is rich in skin nutrients.Ideal first aid for all minor accidents & emergencies &...

Zinplex tablets

R 165.00

Zinc supplement

African Potato Cream 100g

R 75.00

Use for Skin Damage Ingredients African potato tincture Aqueous cream

Inflacay Gel 100g

R 111.00

Use for  Inflamation Pain and bruising Lower back pain Bursitis Sprains and strains Gout Joints Muscle aches and pains Neuralgia Shin splints Sciatica

Willow African Potato Cream 100g

R 75.00

Use for skin damage Ingredients African potato tincture Olive oil base cream

Willow Liver Detox drops 50 ml

R 78.00

Natural Liver and Gall Bladder Support Helpful for: Allergies, depression, eczema/dermatitis, fatigue, headaches, offensive perspiration, sneezing, styes, tinnitis and tonsillitis 🍑

DNA Derma-Psor 60 capsules

R 175.00

DermaPsor Capsules are specifically designed to:   Maintain healthy cholesterol Promote healthy weight loss  Maintain balanced blood sugar levels  Relieve occasional gas, bloating, indigestion, diarrhea or constipation  Experience higher energy—no more morning or afternoon “crashes”  Enjoy better-feeling muscles  Support a...

Neem oil 100ml

R 61.00

Maintain the softness, suppleness and radiance of skin and hair. Stimulate the growth of thicker, longer and stronger hair.  Reduce the appearance of aging, such as premature wrinkles and fine lines.  Eliminate dandruff and thereby support hair growth.  Boost immunity. ...

DNA Xerio Wash 250ml

R 78.00

XerioWash is ideal for dry skin associated with psoriasis, sunburn, stretch marks and burns. Contains Inca Inchi WO oil - an Amazonian plant used for centuries by the Incas. Rich in Omega 3 and 6 oils to nourish and repair all...

DNA Xerio Topical Cream 100ml

R 87.00

Xerio Range, complete relief from the symptoms of Psoriasis.  The ingredients in XerioCream (Greentech EGX244 and EGX251) have a high ability to fix water and hold it at the surface of the skin by preserving the cutaneous lipidic balance and improving healing. The combination...

Bytjiesalf Skin Repair Balm 20g

R 74.00

Use as a skin softener and moisturiser. Apply as a barrier against dryness or to assist in the relief of minor skin irritations, bites, itches, eczema, stretch marks, nappy rash, cracked heels and after sun care. This product can also be used to prevent...

Bytjiesalf Eczema Balm 125ml

R 184.00

Helps soothe red, dry, itchy eczema.apply a small amount to the affected area to calm and soothe skin, as often as needed. Use in combination with our Bytjie Salf Skin Repair Balm for best results. Continue use for at least 3 months...

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