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Keto-G craving stopper 80 capsules

R 210.00

The Keto-G Craving Stopper is special formulated to help control sugar cravings. It works by stimulating the activity of insulin, thus significantly adingthe body's glucose and fat metabolism, managing the breakdown of glucose and fat. It also acts as a...

Keto-G fat burner 80 capsules

R 250.00

Important to any weight-loss or exercise efforts to release fat for use as fuel. Energy booster, elevates certain enzymes needed to metabolize sugars, starches and other carbohydrates. Reduces the accumulation of lactic acid after strenuous training. Clears the bloodstream of...

DNA Carb-Fast 90 capsules

R 175.00

DNA Carb-Fast is an advanced natural supplement that maintains and keeps the the glucose/insulin balance and body weight at an optimal level. It contains a spectrum of herbal extracts which help in reduction of excess weight. DNA Carb-Fast helps regulate...