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Bioworx Umkhonto 45 capsules

R 115.00

An unique probiotic supplement able to form spores that are stable under high temperatures, high bile salt and acidic (low pH) conditions. These unique features offer the following advantages:•It can be transported and stored at room temperature without losing its...

Nordens Liposomal Vitamin C 200ml

R 215.00

Give your family the ultimate immune booster with Liposomal Vitamin C. It is more easily and efficiently absorbed than regular oral versions of this vitamin, without irritating the stomach lining. But, it does a lot more than simply combat colds...

Willow Rhodiola-Sceletium 100 capsules

R 274.00

This combination of herbs helps with anxiety, stress , panic attacks and also have lung protective properties Take 1 capsule 3 times per day. Sceletium enhances positive mood and cognitive function during stress, and inducing calm without sedative effects, and,...

DNA Serra-Fast 60 capsules

R 280.00

Serra-Fast is formulated to DISSOLVE FIBRIN that causes: atherosclerosis, fibrous cysts and uterine fibroid tumors as well as blood clots. Serrapeptase loosens sputum and reduces the frequency of cough and expectoration. It also reduces sticky and obstructing MUCOUS. It's anti-inflamitory...

Respir-Eze Oral Spray 50ml

R 132.00

Breathing problems? Open your airways naturally.  Astma Loosen phlegm Emphysema Throat spray Cold & Flu Contains: bilberry, boneset, coltsfoot, echinacea, elder flower, elecampane, eyebright, goldenseal, goldenrod, lobelia, marshmallow, mullein, peppermint, thyme.   

DNA Pulmo-Fast 60 capsules

R 175.00

Your respiratory system is constantly working. All day, every day, it is the vehicle for oxygen to enter your body. Unfortunately, it can also be an entry point for pollutants, irritants, dust, mould, fungus, harmful organisms, and other toxins. Unless...

Willow Rhodiola 50 caps

R 146.00

Use for  Adaptogenic  Anti-depressant Mental enhancer Immune supportive Antioxidant Rhodiola being a antioxidant can also help protect the lungs and other organs from hypoxia which cause oxidative damage. As a virus can target and replicate within ciliated cells (wich remove excessive...

Quercetin 50 capsules

R 158.00

Widely distributed in the plant kingdom and the most abundant of the flavonoids molecules, Quercetin is found in many foods, including apples, onions, tea, berries and brassica vegetables. Anti inflammatory Pain reliever Allergies Anti-viral Collagen strengthener  Antioxidant 

Willow NAC 500mg 50 capsules

R 160.00

N - acetyl L - Cysteine 500mg. Liver protectant. Detoxifier. Heavy metal scavenger. Antioxidant. Cardiovascular protectant. Respiratory support. Anti viral.  

Solgar Ester-C 1000mg 90 capsules

R 496.00

Ester-C® Plus is exclusively formulated by Solgar® and provides a patented, pH neutral (non acidic) Vitamin C that is gentle on the stomach. The Vitamin C metabolites in Ester-C® positively impact the retention of Vitamin C in cells, providing additional...