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Himalaya Mentat 50 tablets

R 139.00
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Mentat improves mental functions by a modulation of the cholinergic and GABAergic neuro-transmission. By restoring the frontal cortical muscarinic and cholinergic receptor activities, Mentat improves the mental quotient, memory span, concentration ability and stress threshold. Mentat helps reduce the level of tribulin, an endogenous Mono Amine Oxidase inhibitor, that is elevated in various levels of anxiety. Mentat also ameliorates attention fluctuations and behavioral disorders. Mentat exhibits significant anti-parkinsonian activity by enhancing the dopamine post-synaptic receptor activity. The sedative and tranquilizing effects of Mentat offer protection against convulsions and are beneficial in insomnia. Mentat improves articulation and corrects speech defects.

Mentat is an all-natural, clinically proven formulation that works as a Brian tonic.

It is clinically proven to improve cognition, long and short-term memory, increase attention span and to create a calm, focused mind.

Mentat acts as a perfect study partner. 

It is suitable for adults and children. 

  • Increase the rate of remembering new information.
  • Enhances processing of information and learning activities. 
  • Improves mental functioning by stimulating the nerve cells. 
  • Strengthens and renew brain pathways. 
  • Promotes protein synthesis in brain cells to improve memory. 

Used for

  • High strung states (ADD &ADHD)
  • Memory & learning impairment
  • Anxiety and stress related disorders
  • Mental fatigue
  • Neurological disorders
  • Behavioural disorders
  • Supportive therapy for Altzheimer's & Parkinson disease, Epilepsy, post- stroke speech disorder