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Life Matrix MCT Oil 500ml

R 226.00
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This new MCT oil formula from Lifematrix is made exclusively from coconuts. This is a fat-burning, brain-boosting powerhouse that’s loaded with caprylic and capric fatty acids. It’s a must-have for those following a ketogenic diet, and a great palm oil-free alternative to the original MCT formula.

Use for:

  • An ideal supplement for those on the ketogenic (keto) diet
  • Thermogenic; helps the body to burn fat more effectively
  • Enhances ketone production, for better athletic performance & cognitive function 
  • Boosts metabolism & thyroid function, regulates appetite 
  • Helps to promote healthy weight loss
  • Assists with building lean muscle mass
  • Improves energy levels
  • Improves absorption of food & nutrients
  • Eases digestive problems
  • Promotes liver & gallbladder health

How it works: Medium Chain Triglycerides are rapidly absorbed by the body and metabolised in the liver; they don’t go through the normal digestive process, which means they are not stored in the body’s fat cells


MCT Oil from coconuts: 60/40 ratio of Caprylic (C8) & Capric (C10) fatty acids.


Take 1-3tsp of oil with food.

# brain support