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Nature Fresh Parasite Remedy 200ml

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The Nature Fresh Parasite Remedy is a 200ml herbal tincture designed to eliminate parasites without causing violent or purgative effects. It’s suitable for adults, children, and pets, and it doesn’t disturb gut flora. 

A liquid combination used for:

  • Elimantion of worm eggs, fungi, molds, gut infections
  • Aids the kidney and Bladder 
  • Supports during colds and flu 


45% Olive Leaf 25% Artemisia Annua/Afra 15 % Cloves 15 % Ivy


Shake the bottle. Mix each dose with 50ml water. (The alcohol will evaporate if left to stand for a few hours.)

For ongoing control of worms and microbes and to boost immunity: Take 2 or 3 doses per day for 1 week of every month.

For chronic infections: take 1 or 2 doses every other day.

# worms & parasites