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Willow Rhodiola drops 100ml

R 190.00
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Rhodiola is  used to:

  • Enhance memory
  • Aid weight reduction and cravings
  • Increase sexual function
  • Improve energy levels and muscle strength.

It has long been known as a potent adaptogen. Adaptogens are natural plant substances that increase the body’s non-specific resistance and normalise the functions of the body.

The ingredients of this product consists of a combination of herbal extracts:

Ethanolic Extracts of:

Rhodiola rosea 


Adults and children over 12 years: Take 15 drops 3 times a day 

Children under 12 years: Take 5 to 10 drops 3 times a day 

Infants: Take 2 to 4 drops (in hot water) 3 times a day 

 # adrenal support

# stress & anxiety