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SilverGenesis Super hydrogel 100ml

R 79.00
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A pure natural hydrogel made from seaweed and plant extracts with a high concentration of
positively charged silver ions, has no chemicals and no synthetic preservatives, and is rich in skin nutrients.

Ideal first aid for all minor accidents & emergencies & general skin care, as it stimulates rapid healing of skin tissue, neutralises germs, is a light and non-greasy gel, which is rapidly absorbed leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Effective in the treatment of:
Acne - Abrasions - Athlete’s Foot - Allergies - Bed Sores - Boils - Burns & Scalds - Cold Sores - Cradlecap - Cuts - Dermatitis - Eczema - Fever Blisters - Insect Bites - Itchiness - Moles - Nail Fungus - Nappy Rash - Psoriasis - Ringworm - Shingles - Skin Cancers - Skin Rash - Sunburn - Ulcers - Warts - Wounds