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Bioworx Umkhonto 45 capsules

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bioworx UMKHONTO promotes the inhibition of Candida albicans and the body’s immunity against fungal, bacterial and viral infections.

A unique probiotic supplement able to form spores that are stable under high temperatures, high bile salt and acidic (low pH) conditions. These unique features offer the following advantages:

  • It can be transported and stored at room temperature without losing its effectiveness
  • It reaches the small intestine and colon intact without being compromised by high bile salts and acidic conditions in the digestive system

Microbial species and other ingredients:

  • B. laterosporus 5× 100 miljon
  • Vitamin A 500mcg
  • Vitamin B6 25mg
  • Vitamin C [Ascorbic acid] 335mg
  • Vitamin D3 1000 IU
  • Vitamin E [d-alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate] 20.55mg
  • Vitamin B9 [Folic acid] 150mcg
  • Selenium AAC 10mg
  • Zink lactate15mg

Adults: 1 – 2 Capsules three times a day
Children 4 - 10: 1 Capsule 2 to 3 times a day
Children under 4: 1 Capsule a day 

For more information go to:

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