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At Emagenes Health Shop, over the years, our motto has been “Your health is our Passion, yet its your Responsibility”. We’ve found that much of our time and energy is invested in broadening our own insights, knowledge and understanding of wellness, as well as passing this info onto our Tribe.

What we can agree on, is that optimum health is a dynamic process.

  • Where the roots of your disease are emotional, no herbs and/or supplementation will heal you - you need to do the Inner Work.
  • Where the roots of your disease are lifestyle-related, once again no herbs and/or supplementation will heal you – you need to take courage to make lifestyle changes that become good habits.

A powerful Contemplative tool for raising your self-awareness and plotting your path forward is Reflection. What better time to set some time aside than at the end of 2021?

Here is a format that you may find useful:

Greatest Successes this year

Greatest challenges this year

Consider the following two quotes (a) People who keep Journals have life twice and (b) the unexamined life is not worth living. In my view, these quotes are full of timeless wisdom, and they hold an invitation to us to not plod along paths that may not serve our physical, mental and emotional health. How will you respond to these invitations and make some shifts?


Thank you for being part of our journey, for your loyal support, for choosing to shop local and supporting a small business within your own community. We wish you love, peace, and good health, into 2022 and beyond.



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