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Body Weight

Body Weight

The weight-loss industry is an industry that has made many people lots of money for a very long time. Unfortunately, there is NO magic potion for weight loss!!

Let’s get this straight.


We get fat because we eat fattening food and too much of it.

The same food that makes us fat makes us sick. Refined carbs (cake and bread), sugar (sweets, chocolate, cooldrinks and juice) and saturated fats (deep fried food like chips, viennas, chicken) are all bad for our bodies. This is “party food”, for celebrations and not for everyday consumption. You will never lose weight if you don’t stop eating this daily.

The combination of fat with sugar in mouthwatering foods such as cakes and chocolates alters brain chemistry, disrupts your appetite, and makes you overeat. Swap some of the saturated fats in your diet (sausages, chips, cakes) for unsaturated fats (avocados, nuts and seeds, cold pressed oils) Healthy Fats help you feel satisfied.

We must eat to nourish our bodies! Like a car needs fuel, we need nutritious food. Not processed food that can sit in the cupboard (like cereal) for years and never go off. Live food, those are the ones we need most, fruit and vegetables, grain, seeds, beans, meat (food as close to the way nature gave it to us

 LAZINESS is a big issue when it comes to eating healthy!!! SCREENTIME is often the culprit of stealing our time and keeping us idly distracted. To be healthy must become a priority in your life. Time and effort (PLAN, BUY, PREPARE) are needed to get results. Lifestyle is the key!

The hormones leptin, insulin, estrogens, androgen, and growth hormones influence your appetite, metabolism, and body fat distribution. When hormones are out of balance it encourages the accumulation of fat.

High levels of estrogen in the body irritate the cells that produce insulin, making you insulin resistant and causing blood sugar levels to rise, leading to weight gain. Check your hormone levels. Click here to learn more:

Proper bowel movement is extremely important for overall health. If you have a problem with constipation, give it attention first. Read more

Manage your stress by controlling what’s controllable and letting go of what you cannot control. Stress causes the body to produce more cortisol, which can impair your ability to lose weight.

If you are thin because you don’t eat much and drink a lot of coffee or smoke, it might BACKFIRE and reflect badly on your health someday. YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR BODY. It cannot do anything without your consent. It reacts to your command …Food cannot jump into your mouth. If you don’t have self-control food will become your medicine to feel better.

ADDICTIONS are a real and sad problem in the times we are living in. It takes the place and time of the things that are beneficial to us.

Sugar addiction is probably the most common in children and adults.

Replace refined toxic sugar with nutritious fruit for the whole family! Have a bowl of fruit available for snacking AND don’t have any sweets and cold drinks in the house! If it is not there, you can’t eat it. This has been my saving grace for years! 

Eating because you are miserable or stressed (emotional eating) will do absolutely nothing for your situation. The comfort food will only comfort you for the moment and make you fat in the long run.  Get proper ways to deal with your emotions. (Counselling, meditation, exercise etc.)

EATING DISORDERS can’t be fixed with medicine or diets. You need to heal your heart. Renew your mind and restore a normal functioning body. Get professional help.

THIN does not always equal HEALTHY!   

Lack of sleep can increase levels of the hunger hormone ghrelin, which, in turn, will increase hunger and appetite. This makes overeating more likely. For more info on when you have a lack of sleep:

EXERCISE!!! We are mostly overweight and under-muscled.  

We were made to move.   If you don’t use it, you lose it. Celebrate your body by doing exercises that you love. (walking, jogging, gym, trampoline, swimming, skipping etc.)

A big “no-no” when it gets to weight problems is alcohol.

It is high in calories and has no nutritional value. The body treats alcohol as a toxin and channels all its energy into getting rid of it. So, while your body is burning the calories in alcohol, it won’t be burning carbs, fats or protein.


That brings us to water! We die without water.

It is vital for sustaining life.  When you are properly hydrated your body stores less water. As soon as dehydration sets in your body respond by retaining fluids. This can lead to puffiness, bloating and discomfort. Dehydration can cause you to eat more. Water can help break down fat and burn calories.

If you eat healthily and exercise, but still gain weight or can’t lose weight, something is wrong. Get to the root of your problem.

REMEMBER! You are not your body; you HAVE a body! WHEN WE DIE THIS PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE IS OVER. Make the most of it!!!

The shift starts within. The work is in your mind (change your thinking with the information you give it). The healing in your heart (forgive, accept). The power is love and joy. The goal is freedom. Without this, it is a path of torture. Choose a path of wonder, excitement, healing, and growth!  Shift your thinking from weight loss to being healthy and happy and embrace the journey!                                             

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