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The Detox

The Detox


Diseases are nothing more than signs and symptoms that reflect the body's need to clean and rebuild itself ~ Robert Morse ND

 The Detox plan

I know when we see the word 'detox' we think “ah, 2 weeks of eating well, drinking water and maybe taking a pill or two and I’ll have detoxed, I can go back to my normal habits”, nope and just for extra emphasis, nope! That’s not how this works. We should constantly be focusing on keeping our physical homes clean. We live in an age of fast pace life and we are constantly being exposed to fast foods, alcohol, added hormones, pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals. Apart from what we fuel our bodies with we need to be aware of what we absorb from our environment, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the cosmetics we use and the buildings we spend most of our day in. Yes, our bodies are self-healing, self-renewing and self-cleansing organisms but for how long can your body work in overdrive before the system clogs up?

 When we remove all the added chemicals(preservatives, colorants and flavourents) and all the waste, our bodies have the ability to bounce back so much faster. In order to help the body get to optimal function we need to start off with a thorough, deep cleaning. Once this is done we can aim at maintaining a clean and healthy body…Imagine a house filled with miscellaneous stuff in every corner of every room, grime on the floors, mould on the walls and thick layers of dust on every surface, the first thing one would do if posed with the task of cleaning this house would be to do a thorough spring clean, this tends to be hard work and can prove to be quite frustrating at times but once it’s clean and the job is done one can sit back and enjoy the clean space where one can begin to function better and focus on smaller details. The same applies to the body. We need to do some spring cleaning and from there we can focus on nourishing the body.

There are a few steps to this spring clean so get your supplies ready, put your gloves on and let’s get cracking!

This is a 3 week programme and the ditch list below is not an absolute necessity to seeing great results although ditching these few things may just help elevate energy levels and assist the body while detoxing.

Step 1- Ditch list

The first thing to remember when detoxing is that one must stop poisoning the body. Your body cannot clean itself when constantly being presented with harmful substances. These are the things to ditch if you want to embark on this detoxing journey:

  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Dairy
  • Gluten
  • Refined sugar

Step 2- Creepy crawlies and itchy things.

Get rid of pathogens, worms and parasites.  Parasites are organisms that live off of other organisms, they feed off of our cells, our energy, the food we eat and even the nutritional supplements that we drink. Parasites are everywhere and tend to latch themselves into unhealthy bodies because well, why fight your way in when the door somewhere else has been left open. Now I know you have painted quite the gross picture for yourself of all the wrigglers parking off in your body but stop that, paint a picture of a healthy clean body because there are many things you can do to stop these invaders from taking over.

Let’s not forget fungus/candida, something we also tend to look past. An overgrowth of this fungus can be problematic. If you suffer from chronic sinus, vaginal infections, constant bladder infections, eczema and allergies you may have a candida over growth. All the more reason to look at the ditch list and consider ditching some foods that tend to feed this fungus and give it more power than it needs.

  • Colloidal silver- This is a wonderful antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. Great in treating Candida/fungal infections and getting rid of pathogens.

De-worming is not just subject to yourself, if you live with your spouse or any animals make sure everybody de-worms, we tend to infect each other.

  • Start off with a 3 day Vermox de-worming, this you can pick up at your local pharmacy. This will start the process and let those buggers know that you mean war!

Our range  :

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Step 3:  Colon cleaning

 In holistic healing we see nothing as separate and the mission is to heal from the root and not only on a surface level. If you really want to detox, we must look at all the parts of yourself that will enable this detox.

You cannot have clean blood if you have a dirty colon. Over the years your colon has been put under major strain and it might just be time to give it a break and help it along. Cleaning the colon means getting rid of what the body no longer needs, in life we know that as we toss out stuff we no longer use or need we make way for the new which ends up being much more beneficial.

Our range of colon cleansers:

  • Herbal fiber blend- Psyllium is roughage to the colon which scrubs your colon clean as it passes through, this blend has 20 added herbs that assist in healing an inflamed or sick colon.
  • Willows Colon care

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For Colon hydrotherapy or colon cleaning please visit Sister Jackie HERE 

Step 3- Happy flora and the forgotten organ

The gut is definitely our forgotten organ which is really sad because this is where most of the magic happens. Did you know that as you are reading this you are 90% microbial and only 10% human? Most of this bacteria sits in your gut. Our micro-biome plays an integral part of a healthy bowel/digestion, strong immunity, digestion of fibre(which aids weight loss) and even brain function. Most of the Serotonin in our bodies is produced in the gut and not in the brain like most us would think. Balancing gut flora is imperative to a healthy mind and body. Take care of your gut and it will take care of you.

Our range:

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Step 4- Last but not least

Here we can focus on maintaining a healthy system. Now we can dispose of extra heavy metals and toxins that may be lodged in the body.

To do this we use a clay that is made up of Calcium Montmorillonite and Zeolite combined which form a formidable detox team.

 Zeolite is often referred to as a “molecular sieve”, it basically acts as a magnet pulling heavy metals and free radicals toward it, to absorb and hold these toxins it must make space which it does by releasing it’s positively charged ions such as potassium, sodium and calcium. Out with the bad and in with the good. The body cannot absorb zeolite so it just passes through and out of your body. The perfect house guest.

Calcium Montmorillonite's immediate action upon the body is directly on the digestive channel. The clay actually binds with toxic substances and removes them from the body with the stool.

This is a great way of finishing up your spring clean.


That’s all folks. Now you have the information, the tools and the products to get your body into a happy place again. It is well worth the energy and the effort but I'm sure you will see the results as time goes by. We look forward to hearing about your detox journey. For any questions or product info please contact us on 051-448 2186 or email us at For our online shop please click HERE.


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