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Nordens Liposomal Vitamin C 200ml

R 240.00
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It is more easily and efficiently absorbed than regular oral versions of this vitamin, without irritating the stomach lining. But, it does a lot more than simply combat colds and flu.

Why Use Liposomal Vitamin C Immune Booster?

It is suitable for pregnant and breast-feeding women, as well as adults and children of all ages. It contains no sugar, gluten or hexane, and is non-GMO.

Only 5ml of the product contains 1100mg of vitamin C and transports it straight into your bloodstream.

This super-dose of bio-available vitamin C helps to:

  • Boost your immune system. This, in turn, keeps you feeling stronger and helps you to fight off diseases.
  • Combat viral infections (including flu).
  • Protect cells against free radical damage.
  • Promote the production of collagen for healthier hair, skin, muscles and joints.
  • Support healthy gums.
  • Promote muscle repair.
  • Transport vitamin C directly into the cells, and not out through the digestive system.

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