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Nature Fresh Viro-Ban 50 capsules (Artemisia Annua)

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Viro-Ban 50 veggiecaps Artemisia Annua –  When taken with Olive Leaf and Black Cumin they help to treat the ill effects of mutating viruses, bacteria / biofilms, parasites and help control fever, cytokine storms, blood clotting, hypoxia & sepsis. Black Cumin exerts immunomodulatory effects due to its CBD(endocannabinoid) content.

Each Viro-Zap capsule contains:

  • 215mg Olive Leaf (Europea/Afra) Anti-microbial
  • 100 mg Black Cumin (Kalonjie / Nigella Sativa)
  • 100 mg Artemisia Annua/ Wilde Als/ Umhlonyane
  • 50 mg Papain (proteolytic RNA anti-viral enzyme)
  • 50 mg Bromelain (proteolytic RNA anti-viral enzyme)
  • 2 mg Zinc Oxide (works with organic ionosphores from polyphenols/catechins in olive leaf/Artemisia)
  • 1000 iu Vitamin D3 (anti-viral boosts immunity)
  • 50 mcg Selenium AAC (anti-viral boosts immunity)

For daily protection: 1 -2 capsules before breakfast. Acute infections: 2 capsules 2 – 3 x day. Seek medical help asap

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