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Biosil Hoodia Gordoni 90 capsules

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Hoodia is an effective weight loss supplement, leaving one’s body feeling energized and satisfied. An entirely natural appetite suppressant and thus a weight-loss aid.


A natural appetite suppressant / weight loss aid
Also a mood enhancer

Hoodia is an effective weight loss supplement, which leaves one’s body feeling energized and satisfied
An entirely natural appetite suppressant, also known as Bushman’s Hat or Queen of the Namib, Hoodia is a succulent plant, originating from the Kalahari Desert
Traditionally, South Africa’s most ancient tribe, the San people have been using this plant to suppress appetites on extremely long hunting trips

The active ingredient in Hoodia is known as P57.  This molecule effectively allows the body to feel that the stomach is full.
Hoodia is a natural way to lose weight (if taken along with a healthy diet and perhaps some lifestyle changes – Barbara O’Neill has many videos on You Tube to assist with ‘no cost’ solutions)
With nothing else added except pure African sunshine you would be seriously challenged to find a more natural and beautifully healthy experience

Further information:
Hoodia Gordonii is a truly wild indigenous South African bush food.
Now you can try Hoodia in it’s purest, raw form.


90 Vegan capsules, 400mg each
Contains no fillers or additives of any kind, not irradiated

Suggested use:
2 Hoodia capsules twice to three times daily


# Slimming & weight