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Nutri Life Graviola 50ml

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Scientific studies were first done in 1941, much of the research, including that by the National Cancer Institute has focused on a novel set of phytochemicals called annonaceous acetogenins. A potent adaptogen, supportive of the immune system.



Graviola (Annonacae Muricata Folia) 10% w/v

Alcohol: 45% v/v

Purified Water: 55% v/v



ADULTS: 20-30 drops 2 - 3 times daily, or as recommended by your health care professional. (10 drops for maintenance).

Can be taken directly on the tongue or in a 1/3 glass of water or juice. If medicinal alcohol cannot be tolerated place drops in boiling water for three minutes. The alcohol will evaporate and herbs will be as effective.

Not recommended for children and pregnant women.