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Aloe Ferox Eva 60 capsules

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Aloe Ferox Eva is a natural herbal supplement for women to help improve sexual wellbeing. It is particularly helpful with hormonal balance during menstruation, adolescence and at midlife, during menopause.

Use for:

  • The wellbeing of the female reproductive and sexual organs  as well as the bladder)
  • Menstrual wellbeing, easing the discomfort of ‘that time of the month’
  • For hormone harmony, during menopause (midlife) as well as balancing hormones during the teenage years
  • For emotional balance


Aloe ferox whole leaf 150 mg (as aloe ferox dried leaf powder), Damiana 50 mg, Agnus castus 150 mg, Black Cohosh (8:1) 40 mg, Pyridoxine HCI (Vit B6) 5mg


Take 2 capsules daily with food. 

 # female health

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