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d’Legend Medi-range Cuts, wounds, bruises Cream 250ml

R 160.00
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Indication: d'Legend Medi Range Topical Cream is for Rashes, Fever, Blisters, Acne, Psoriasis, Superficial Cuts and Abrasious, Wounds, Bruises, Bed Sores, Ulcers and Burn Wounds. 


Directions: Apply liberally 2/3 times a day on open lesion or affected area. Alternatively with every dressing change were necessary. 



Aqua, Glycol, Eml Wax, Min/Vit Oil and for every 100ml futher Cal m/tinc. 1ml Lyco D9. 1ml Sulph 09. 1ml Phos ac D9. 1mlSyz jam D9. 1ml Can D11.