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d'Legend Medi-range Hair Growth & Scalp Treatment 50ml Cream

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d'legend (previously Dia Kure) has extensively been tested and used in Hospitals, Hospice, The Cancer Association, The Leprosy Missoon, Diabetic Clinics and Skin Care Clinics since 1995, but is now available directly to the public.

Currently also used at Optima Wound Clinic and various NPO aged and frail care facilities throughout Bloemfontein, where our head office is based. 

d'legend Hair Growth and Scalp Treatment is focused on treating and healing the dermatological ailments often experienced, such as:

  • Stress hair loss
  • Hormonal hair loss 
  • Chronic itchy scalp 
  • Small thick inflamed reddish patches 
  • Flaking dry scalp
  • Burning sensation and tender scalp 
  • Psoriasis 
  • Folliculitis 
  • Chemical/Soap Allergy Rash
  • Chemical burns

The Homeopathic Remedies in our products treat the scalp on various levels:

  1. Fighting inflammation cause by either a virus, bacteria or fungal infection
  2. Reducing the red tenderness or itchiness very quickly 
  3. Healing the flaky, dry skin or inflamed roots and sores while treating the scalp to stimulate and heal the hair follicles and initiate re-growth

The packaging is user friendly to provide easy application directly to the scalp or as a weekly mask.

Our products are 100% natural and will not leave an oily residue on your hair. It is absorbed quickly into the scalp.Ingredients:


Spray or apply as a tonic directly onto the scalp. The spray/tonic will dry quickly leaving the Homeopathic Remedies on the scalp to penetrate the skin and follicles. It will not leave an oily residue on the scalp


Aqua, Petroleum Cetearyl, PEG 2% and for every 100ml further: 1ml Cal m/tinc, 1ml Lyco D9, 1ml Sulph D9, 1ml Phos Ac D9, 1ml Syz Jam D9, 1ml Can D11