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d'Legend Sensitive Skin Range Barrier Cream 50ml

R 49.00
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d'legend (previously Dia Kure) has extensively been tested and used in Hospitals, Hospice, The Cancer Association, The Leprosy Missoon, Diabetic Clinics and Skin Care Clinics since 1995, but is now available directly to the public.

Currently also used at Optima Wound Clinic and various NPO aged and frail care facilities throughout Bloemfontein, where our head office is based.

d'legend Sensitive skin Barrier Cream: is specially formulated to protect sensitive at-risk skin from damage associated with your toddler in diapers. The Homeopathic Remedies included will also heal nappy Rash or exposed skin damaged by chaffing or skin irritants due to tummy ailments.

Other benefits:

  • Psoriasis 
  • Eczema 
  • Winter hands
  • Rash 
  • Skin recovering from burn wounds 


Preservative, Nan Part., Chelating agent, Neut, Min. Oils, Glyc, for every 100ml further: 1ml Cal m/tinc, 1ml Lyco D9, 1ml Sulph D9, 1ml Phos Ac D9, 1ml Syz Jam D9, 1ml Can D11


Apply cream to affected area