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DNA Arthro-Fast 60 capsules

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As a person ages, the surface layers of cartilage at the joints which cushions the joints often loses its ability to support healthy cellular growth and eventually breaks down and wears away. In addition, the synovial fluid that lubricates these joints also deteriorates. This synovial fluid reduces friction in the joints allowing for effortless motion and not only lubricates the joints but it also acts as a comfortable shock absorber.  This break-down condition, called osteoarthritis or wear-and-tear arthritis, often allows bones under the cartilage to rub together and cause pain, swelling, and loss of motion of the joint.

Arthrofast contains the following selected herbs:

Manganese is a mineral essential to the formation of connective tissue (such as cartilage). Manganese is extremely helpful for sufferers of Arthritis and also aids in keeping bones strong and preventing Osteoporosis. 

Solomon’s Seal tightens or loosens (as needed) tendons, ligaments and connective tissues. It reduces inflammation and increases the natural balance of synovial fluid as well as helps the cartilage re-gain some flexibility.

Horsetail’s high silica content helps to rebuild damaged cartilage and structures and may replace lost silicon in the affected bones It strengthens connective tissue, bones and cartilage. Horsetail is rich in minerals, particularly silica deposited in its stems. Silica helps to promote the body's absorption of calcium, an important component in tissue repair and bone and cartilage formation.

Boswellia Serrata extract shows significant improvements in pain score and functional ability.Boswellia supports the overall flexibility of the body & provides a sense of well being. It further contributes to the healthy functioning of the joints. The herb also acts as COX-2 inhibitors and alleviates inflammation and pain without affecting thegastric mucosa. It soothes the joints and also assists in treating levels of synovial fluid, thereby lubricating the joints and making movement easier..

Yucca reduces the swelling, pain and stiffness of arthritis. Yucca has a lengthy history in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism. The root is rich in saponins that elevate your body's ability to produce "natural" cortisone. Helps to block the release of toxins from the intestines that inhibit the normal function of cartilage. Yucca, also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Curcumin is a strong antioxidant that protects healthy joints and other connective tissues by neutralizing free radicals. It also reduces painful inflammation. Curcumin and Boswellia work extremely well together to benefit joint health and mobility. 

Amla & Graviola have anti-inflammatory effects and are indicated for treating inflammatory-related medical conditions such as arthritis and gout.

ArthroFast is a synergistic combination of selected high grade herbs formulated to offer relief from the symptoms of arthritis.

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