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DNA Cell-Fast 60caps

R 227.00
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Cell-Fast Capsules support the cell membrane enhancing its ability to:

  • Provide protection for the cell.
  • Provide a fixed environment inside the cell.
  • Transport nutrients into the cell.
  • Transport toxins out of the cell.
  • A healthy cell membrane will make it difficult for a virus to attach itself to the cell wall.

 For a virus to spread, it must first find its way through the cell membrane into the cell. It is important to do all that we can to ensure the optimal health of our cells, especially the integrity of the cell walls, and protect them from damage by the production of free radicals from oxidative stress caused by lifestyle factors, a poor diet, toxin exposure and chronic stress. Good cell health is essential for the body to function properly. If you do not maintain good cell health, then internal processes will become sluggish and lead to illness or poor health.

Cell-Fast Capsules contain the following herbal extracts:

Calcium-AEP decreases water solubility and seals the lipid cellular membrane pores, decreasing the permeability of the outer celll membrane by foreign substances. This action protects cells from invasion by toxins, bacteria, viruses, antibodies and other harmful agents. D-Ribose, MSM, Fulvic Acid and Vitamin D3 to ensure the integrity of the cell membrane is kept at optimal levels.