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DNA Meno-Fast 60 capsules

R 209.00
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 Meno-fast is a herbal formulation that helps to:

  • Relieve the annoying symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats and insomnia. 
  • Delay onset of osteoporosis and cardiovasular diseases. 
  • Reduces LDL and increases HDL on long-term use.

Safe for long-term use.


Dong quai is effective in relieving hot flushes due to its mild estrogenic effects that act to stabilize blood vessels.

Sage reduces excessive sweating (particularly helpful in eliminating night sweats).

Red clover is one of the premium sources of phyto-estrogens that mimic the female sex hormone. Red clover also increases the amount of high-density lipoprotein or 'good' cholesterol in the bloodstream. This has been linked to reducing the risk of heart disease in menopausal women. Arjuna Bark. The bark of the Arjuna tree helps maintain a healthy heart and reduces the effects of stress and nervousness which are associated with menopause.

Black Cohosh. Clinical studies have shown that this Black Cohosh Relieves not only hot flushes, but also depression and vaginal atrophy. 

# female health