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The Effects of Poor Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation can impact the entire body, including:

  • The Brain – poor blood circulation can impact the brain causing fatigue, dizziness, memory loss, and frequent and unexplained headaches.

  • The heart – poor blood circulation can have an impact on the heart, causing inability to perform simple aerobic activities like climbing stairs without breathlessness; high blood pressure and cholesterol, and chest pain can be other symptoms. Heart attack and stroke are major risks of poor circulation that remains untreated.

  • The liver – symptoms of poor blood circulation in the liver can include lack of appetite or unexplained weight loss, and changes in skin tone.

  • The kidneys – poor circulation to the kidneys are typically the result when there is swelling of the hands, feet and ankles. Other symptoms can include fatigue, altered heart rate and rise in blood pressure.

  • The limbs – with poor circulation, cramps in the limbs, numbness and varicose veins can appear as symptoms.


Rutin acts on blood vessel health, has a positive effect on varicose veins, superficial venous insufficiency and venous ulcers. It improves circulation, strengthens capillaries, reduces inflammation, and improves venous oedema.

Horse chestnut extract is an anti-inflammatory herb that promotes normal tone of the vein wall, there y improving circulation and reducing lower leg swelling.

Gotu kola stimulates the production of collagen, a protein found in the fibrous tissue of blood vessels. Studies have reported its effectiveness in healing vein walls and tissues.

Butcher's broom has a positive effect on blood flow and decreases leg swelling.

Bilberry contains potent antioxidants called anthocyanosides, which strengthen blood vessels and capillary walls, improve red blood cells and prevent and treat circulation problems, including chronic venous insufficiency.

Bromelian helps treat chronic venous insufficiency and prevents the swelling and soreness caused by varicose veins.

Pine bark extract increases vasodilation of blood vessels, thus improving blood flow and makes blood platelets less 'sticky' helping to reduce blood clots.

Hawthorne Berry extract. This herb acts as a vasodilator, increasing blood supply to the heart and improving circulation to the extremities by decreasing arterial resistance.

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