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Escentia Vegetable Glycerine 500 ml

R 112.00
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Escentia's vegetable glycerine is a clear, viscous liquid, which dissolves completely in water. Glycerine is a humectant, absorbing water-based materials into its structure. In make your own face care recipes glycerine is used to carry effective ingredients (such as aloe gel), into the skin where their beneficial effects can be utilised. It is very mild and will not irritate in any way.

Use for:

  • Natural humectant that helps keep your skin hydrated
  • Natural skin cleanser - make your own face wash by combining glycerine with liquid castile soap and essential oils
  • Natural hand softener - helpful if you are suffering from dry hands or rough, scaly palms
  • Can be used for those with sensitive skin, for children and for babies
  • Can be used in DIY toners, soaps, sunscreens, tinctures and more

Other benefits:

  • Made from certified sustainably sourced palm and palm kernel oil
  • Not tested on animals


Pure vegetable glycerine, made from certified sustainably sourced palm and palm kernel oil.


Did you know? We do actively try to avoid products that are produced from palm oil sources but sometimes it just isn't possible. Therefore at a minimum, any products containing palm oil must be from certified sustainably sourced palm oil. Sustainably sourced palm oil may still be a better option than other alternatives, which although won't carry the stigma that palm oil does, can still be farmed and produced unsustainably - in some cases in an even less sustainable manner than palm oil itself. The problem isn't palm oil, it is the way in which unethical producers farm it. The way we see it, supporting certified sustainably sourced farmers will help change the way this product is farmed, leading to better environmental policies, while still supporting the communities that depend on palm farming.

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