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Gaia Hydrogen Peroxide

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Gaia Organics Hydrogen Peroxide 35% Food Grade 75ml is a chlorine-free bleach, perfect for household cleaning and sanitising. At safe concentrations, it disinfects without releasing poisonous fumes. 

Use for 

  • Drinking water disinfectant
  • Oral treatment
  • Skin disinfection & treatment
  • Fruit & vegatable rinse
  • Food surface & utensil steri-detoxification


Hydrogen Peroxide 35% (Food Grade). 


3-5 drops per 250ml glass of water. 

Important note: It is important to dilute Hydrogen peroxide before consuming. We suggest a 1:11 ratio. 1 part Hydrogen peroxide to 11 parts water. This will create a safe 3% strength. 

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