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Heppatic support 60 capsules

R 172.00
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Liver conditions

Liver detox


Gall bladder ailments 


Constipation due to liver

Iron deficiency 

This formula not only works on regenerating and detoxifying the liver but is also very unique in its ability to help blood flow through the liver. This is very important in cases of blood stagnation (Chinese medicine principles) where symptoms could include iron deficiency, gynecological problems, toxin problems and even emotional problems like anger, resentment, irritability and other painful emotions.

This formula contains :


Milk thistle




Wild yam

Dang gui




Chen pi

Dosage: 2 capsules 3 times a day.

Note: as with all our formulas once again this one is not like anything on the market. It is far more effective than any milk thistle product and works in a completely different way. Due to the fact that it helps to release old hormones from the liver, it helps with any blood stagnation conditions such as iron deficiency and gynecological problems. It is not a sole treatment for these conditions but it is a good way of treating it from the liver angle. Often the person does not have actual iron deficiency so much as the fact that all the iron is held in the liver.