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Himalaya Liv52 DS 60 tablets

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Liv.52 (LiverCare) helps restore the functional efficiency of the liver by protecting the hepatic parenchyma and assists in promoting hepatocellular regeneration. It facilitates rapid elimination of acetaldehyde, the toxic intermediate metabolite of alcohol metabolism, and helps ensure protection from alcohol-induced hepatic damage. Liv.52 helps diminish the lipotropic activity in chronic alcoholism, and prevents fatty infiltration of the liver. In pre-cirrhotic conditions, Liv.52 helps arrest the progress of the disease and prevents further liver damage. As a daily health supplement, Liv.52 helps improves appetite, the digestion and assimilation processes, and promotes weight gain.

Use for

  • Prevention and treatment of
  • Viral hepatitis
  • Alcoholic liver disease
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Protien energy malnutrition
  • Loss of appitite
  • Radiation and chemotherapy induced liver damage
  • As adjuvant to hepatotoxic drugs
  • A valuable adjuvant during convalescence and prolonged illness


Each Tablet contains: Capparis spinosa 130mg, Cichorium intybus 130mg, Mandur bhasma 66mg, Solanum nigrum 64mg, Terminalia arjuna 64mg, Cassia occidentalis 32mg, Achillea millefolium 32mg, Tamarix gallica 32mg. Processed in Eclipta alba, Phyllanthus amarus, Boerhaavia diffusa, Tinospora codifolia, Raphanus sativus, Emblica officinalis, Plumbago zeylanica, Embelia ribes, Terminalia chebula, Fumaria officinalis.


Take 2 tablets twice daily, followed by 1 tablet twice daily. Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.