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Natural Products Parsley Leave Cut 75g

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Parsley is a flowering plant native to the Mediterranean. The two most common types are French curly-leaf and Italian flat-leaf.

Over the years, parsley has been used to treat conditions like high blood pressure, allergies, and inflammatory diseases.

Today, it’s widely used as a fresh culinary herb or dried spice. It’s bright green in color and has a mild, bitter flavor that pairs well with many recipes.

Often labeled as one of the most powerful disease-fighting plants, parsley provides great nutritional value and offers many potential health benefits.

  • Parsley tea's diuretic action may help flush out harmful and toxic elements that cause inflammation and infections
  • This tea may be used as a form of treatment for arthritis and rheumatism, flushing out liquid deposits and reducing swelling of joints
  • May also prevent water retention and help reduce cellulite by reducing excessive fluid in tissues
  • Drinking this tea may treat mild kidney ailments and bladder infection, known as cystitis
  • May prove helpful for the liver
  • May improve your skin, making it look fresh and healthier
  • Reduces acid reflux and stomach spams and cramps
  • Parsley tea promotes better digestion
  • May help to promote hormonal balance that is essential for a healthy reproductive system
  • May work as a uterine tonic, helping to regulating your menstrual cycle