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Orgonite Andalusite Pendant

R 380.00
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Orgonite could be the no. 1 defence against EMF damage from cellphones and generally microwave radiation dangers. 

"MOBILE phones could turn out to be as damaging to health as cigarettes", British expert Professor Lawrie Challis made this observation as he prepared to undertake a mass study of long-term phone users amid fears they are at greater risk of brain cancer.

The Orgonite Minishield is designed to stick to the back of a cellphone and protect against Electromagnetic Frequencies' (EMF) - negative chi. The Minishield is made out of orgonite and so transforms EMF into positive orgone energy (positive chi, positive prana). The principle of this orgonite application is the same as neutralising a (much larger and more powerful) cell phone mast with the much larger orgonite tower buster. We have tested the minishield by giving it away for free to all our customers for a period of several months and listening to the extensive feedback.A recent experiment showing the effect of the Minishield on the plant growth of sprouts watered with water that was radiated with 2 cell phones with and without the orgonite Minishield showed amazing results in favour of the orgonite Minishield. Other methods that have been used to attest for the transformation of negative chi to positive chi affected by orgonite include:

  • Kirlian photography
  • Kinesiology/muscle testing
  • Faster growth of sprouts
  • Attraction and crystallisation of ice
  • Observation of immediate dramatic changes in climatic conditions after placing orgonite near cell phone towers
  • Psychic and energy sensitive individuals react strongly to orgonite sensing the positive chi it produces and its transformative energies

Although primarily designed for cellphones the minishield can also be used on electrical outlets, computers, Wi-Fi routers, computer mice, electrical outlet points and any other source of EMF


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