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Pharmawell Tummytox 30 capsules

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TummyTox Digestive Health uses the unique Absorbatox® technology to remove harmful toxins from your digestive tract. TummyTox Digestive Health assists with gastrointestinal conditions. Combined with the antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory & antioxidant fivefold power action of CHD-FA™.

Nappi: 3003803001

Digestive Health, Super-Absorbant Technology

Assists in gastrointestinal conditions & symptoms such as, diarrhoea. IBS, flatulence and bloating.


  • CHD-FA
  • ABSORBATOX®: Clinically proven to relieve IBS symptoms. Binds to toxins and heavy metals. Helps with diarhoea, engord and veisalgia (hangover).
  • VITAMIN E: Antioxidant properties. Significantly improves gut health with an increase in the activity of several digestive enzymes.


Fulvic acid (as CHD-FA) 182mg, Absorbatox 375mg, Vitamin E 6mg 


Take 2 capsules two times a day with meals