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Rose Water

R 130.00
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Spoil your skin with a spritz of real rose water; roses might be a worldwide symbol of romance, but they’re also perfect for nourishing and balancing your complexion. Rose water can help to cleanse and refresh the skin, while also reducing redness, dryness and irritation. Plus it has a delightful floral fragrance that will add a little luxury to your daily skincare routine.

Other benefits:

  • A natural astringent that tones & tightens the skin without drying it
  • Removes excess oil, leaving the skin clean & fresh
  • Boosts the circulation
  • Reduces redness; great for those with rosacea or blotchy complexions
  • Helps to cool the skin & soothe sunburn
  • Reduces the appearance of broken veins & capillaries
  • Softens dry skin; soothes itching & eczema patches
  • Helps to reduce puffiness around the eyes
  • Helps to restore the pH and moisture balance of the skin 


Spray liberally onto face and body. To apply to the delicate eye area, spray a small amount onto clean fingertips or a cotton pad, and gently dab onto the area.

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