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Escentia Rosehip Oil 50ml

R 205.00
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This Rosehip Seed oil is cold pressed and amazingly pure. Produced here in South Africa, its colour can vary from a golden orange to a very deep red depending on the season. It is one of a very few oils that contains vitamins A, C and E, in a totally natural form. This is a superb product that amongst its many benefits, can reduce the signs of premature ageing.

Use for:

  • Helps in the regeneration of skin cells and the repair of damaged tissues
  • Natural treatment of burns, scars and skin spots (see warning re open wounds)
  • Provides great relief from itching and inflammation associated with dry eczema
  • Can be directly applied to sunburn for soothing relief


100% pure Rosehip oil (Rosa canina) - cold-pressed


Apply regularly to problem skin. Scarring, wrinkles and chronic skin problems can expect to see a real improvement within three months.