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Rose Essence 45g

R 90.00
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The Rose is a symbol of divine feminine enlightenment and represents the highest frequency LOVE. 


The Rose has been assigned to the heart and it has a balancing effect on the whole body and brings a deep harmonizing effect. The ROSE works on all levels, beginning its influences with the physical body and penetrating to the innermost being and may even appear to reveal sacred things and may help to heal deep wounds, emotions and energetic blocks. 


The beauty of the Rose is, that it has a fragrance of purity and innocence, but on the other hand it is an aphrodisiac that stimulates sensuality. 


Rose Essence is food grade petals and can be consumed as a tea, can be served as a garnish on homemade sweet treats, mocktails or cocktails and these petals can be used cosmetically in a bath soak.