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Pegasus Sleep

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A homeopathic remedy for insomnia in adults, children or infants. It is useful for the business person who struggles with an overactive mind at night, for the student who experiences an over-stimulated mind whilst studying or for children having nightmares.

Useful points:

Sleep disturbances are common and are caused by many factors and stressors. Ensure adequate intake of minerals like calcium and magnesium and take the daily dose at night. Growing children and stressed adults may have depleted mineral stores. Reduce activities that stimulate the mind after supper and be creative in preparing the body for relaxation and sleep


Avena sativa 6c, Coffea cruda 30c, Daphne indica 30c, Kali phosphoricum 200c, Lupulus humulus 3c, Passiflora incarnata 30c, Valeriana officinalis 3x