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Soaring Free Organic Chaga Powder 100g

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This highly prized tonic mushroom, referred to as ‘the King of the Medicinal Mushrooms’ has long been used in traditional herbalism throughout the colder regions of Northern Asia and Europe.

Soaring Free Chaga is steam-sterilized which breaks down the hard-to-digest chitin and releases the nutrition. This means it does not need to be boiled before consumption.

Chaga is known to be anti-ageing, immune strengthening and an antioxidant-rich longevity mushroom for youthful vibrancy.


The cold conditions that Chaga grows in makes it a powerful immune strengthening, all-round health boosting addition to your diet. Health benefits of chaga are said to be:

• DISCOURAGES CANCER - contains betulinic acid & SOD (superoxide dismutase)

• ANTIOXIDANT - prevents cell degeneration; neutralises free radicals
• SUSTAINS ENERGY - long chain sugars stabilise your blood sugar level
• MAKES YOU HAPPIER - increases feelgood chemicals for mind and body
• PROTECTS THE HEART - promotes cardiovascular health one beat at a time
• LONGEVITY MUSHROOM - melanin antioxidants safely transform free radicals
• ANTI-BACTERIAL - combats bad bacteria to prevent harm to your body
• BOOSTS IMMUNITY - helps good bacteria absorb nutrients from food
• ANTI-INFLAMMATORY - beta-d-glucans keeps any inflammation in check


Chaga has a subtle flavour with a note of vanilla. It's not ‘mushroomy’ at all. Make a tea using 1-2 teaspoons per person, steeped in hot water either in a teapot or coffee-plunger and strain it to make a rich, dark, coffee-like drink or hot chocolate drink. This cooled tea can be added to smoothies. Add powder to soups or stews. For tonic effects, daily use is recommended.