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Soaring Free Spirulina 200tablets

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Spirulina ( tablets or powder ) is one of the purest, most potent complete plant proteins available on this planet. It is a superior source of digestible protein with 12 times the protein of beef! Our spirulina tablets contain a natural compound called phycocyanin, a blue pigment that gives it its beautiful colour, known to be a potent anti-cancer phytochemical. To learn more about the powerful detoxifying &


Spirulina is protein-rich, blue-green algae well known for its cleansing and detoxifying effects. Health benefits of spirulina are said to be:

• FASTER RECOVERY - an incredibly rich source of easily digestible protein
• STRONGER TEETH & BONES - 4 times more calcium than milk; 50 times more than spinach
• ENERGISING - rich source of all the B-vitamins your body needs to move
• ALKALISING - lowers the body’s pH levels for a more balanced system
• CLEANSING - rich in chlorophyll for plant-based detoxing
• ANTI-INFLAMMATORY - high in effective gamma linolenic acid (GLA)
• WEIGHT LOSS - natural appetite suppressant so you snack less
• HIGHLY NOURISHING - packed with nutritional elements for holistic health
• BOOSTS IMMUNITY - rich phycocyanin for increased stem cell production


Spirulina tablets are easy to swallow with water, juice or smoothies. Start with 3g daily, (6 tablets) and gradually build up to a recommended daily dose of 10g (20 tablets) for overall health maintenance.