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Pure Incense Ayurvedic Tongue Cleaner

R 82.00
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Ancient Ayurveda & modern science meet with Pure's elegant 100% stainless steel tongue cleaner. Tongue cleaning or scraping is an ayurvedic practice that can be incorporated into your daily cleansing oral routine. Use your tongue cleaner to reduce bad breath & remove plaque build-up. May also be used during fasting & detoxing. 

Use for:

  • Helps to fight bad breath
  • Removes plaque build-up & bacteria from your mouth
  • Helps to maintain a healthy oral microbiome
  • May help to improve your sense of taste, making food more satisfying
  • May help to relieve halitosis & related digestive or dental concerns 


  • Ideally, you should use your tongue cleaner when you wake up in the morning before breakfast.
  • Use it either prior to or after brushing your teeth.
  • Do not scrape too hard!
  • Hold the tongue cleaner by the two ends & place the curved portion on the tongue.
  • The scraper may be rinsed off between strokes if there is a lot of accumulation.
  • If you stimulate the gag reflex during scraping this may indicate that the scraping is too hard. If this occurs with gentle scraping, begin slightly more forward on the tongue to avoid the gagging reflex.
  • Rinse your mouth & the tongue cleaner after cleaning your tongue.
  • The practice should be a gentle & comfortable addition to your regular dental hygiene.

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