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Willow Gentlax 60 capsules

R 92.00
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A great laxative!

1 to 4 capsules with a glass of lukewarm water.

Always more effective on an empty stomach. 
At least 30 min before supper for an early morning poo .☺️
Remember that it is not good to drink laxatives daily. Just to prevent blockage and get it going again. After 3 days of not going to the toilet there is a plug and then a laxative is needed. PLEASE dont wait longer. 
Poo smells bad it needs to get out ! 🤭

Drink a fibre and herbal mixture daily with lots of water and fresh raw food  to cleanse and heal the gut🍌🍇🍐

Senna leaf, wild yam extract, aloe crystals, cayenne, garlic extract, ginger root, agrimony herb, alfalfa herb and cascara sagrada.