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Yogi Tea Woman’s Energy 17 teabags

R 102.00
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Perseverance and high energy levels are qualities that are required more of some people than of others. The good news is that everything you require is already within you. Enlivened by fruity hibiscus, liquorice and raspberry leaves – used in naturopathy to ease cramp and help with menstruation-related complaints – YOGI TEA® Women’s Energy stimulates your inner sources and helps you recharge your batteries.


The tea for everyone making a difference out there.


Simple Yoga for Stamina

Sit with your legs crossed and interlace your fingers. Bring your hands above your head and hold them there. Keep your eyes 1/10 open. Inhale long and deep and hold, then exhale and hold. Continue with very long and deep breathing for 3-4 minutes.